Posted by: dan | March 31, 2009

grip like a spice

cinnamon-header(title with apologies to The Go! Team)

Dan: After the Bad Tea Experiences of the previous two adagio teas, I decided to try something that sounded a little more… well, me. So I nabbed the bag of adagio Cinnamon Spice from my crate of tea, and marched off to the kettle.

Tea leaves with chunky spicy bits

Tea leaves with chunky spicy bits

Now, I like cinnamon, but mostly in small doses. I was reminded of this fact when I opened the packet and reeled with the smell of cinnamon sent forth to attack my sense of smell. Maybe my hayfever isn’t so bad after all. But it really was a powerful scent, so much so that you can’t tell if there’s anything else in the bag. A cup of wet cinnamon doesn’t really appeal, but a delicate taste of it in a semi-spicy tea would do fine.

Well, thank goodness, because that is precisely what it is. Once you’re past the intense smell, and drink the tea, it’s a light note in a strong-flavoured tea. It’s much closer to a mulled wine style of drink, with all sorts of spicy flavours mingling together to create a delicate, yet powerful concoction. It’s as strong as a normal cup of tea, but with an incredibly diverse selection of fruity tastes floating around in it. It has a nice smoky kick to it, as well.

The tea is a lovely, deep red

The tea is a lovely, deep red

But for all its bravado and strength, it’s not a tea for quaffing. Trying a big gulp will ruin the taste, enforcing too much on your tastebuds at once. It is best enjoyed when it has cooled a little and drunk in small sips. It’s not too sweet, but you certainly would never dream of adding milk or sugar, which I think is a good indication of a good black tea. There are exceptions, of course, but my favourite black teas tend to be those I can drink straight. And this is one, and while it is indeed a lovely cup, it’s still not one for regular enjoyment. It’s just that bit too weird a flavour to indulge yourself too often, but have it as a special treat. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

So there you go. An adagio tea I like for once! Hopefully, the first of many. For those of you hoping for me to review another oolong, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. I can’t bring myself to do it just yet. They’ll get reviewed soon enough, but I need to distract myself with some others first. There’s plenty of odd teas waiting to be drunk in my crate yet, so you should get some interesting reviews to keep you (and me) occupied until then.

Dan was drinking adagio’s Cinnamon Spice black tea, available from ¬£4.99 for 15 teabags.



  1. Cinnamon is sweet in its own right, which makes it a great calorie-free sweetener! Plus, it goes great with black tea.

    Glad you enjoyed this tea!

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