Posted by: ben | April 9, 2009


Ben: Well!

Thanks to Dan for maintaining things in my absence. He’s a lovely chap, really.

I’m back from Scotland. During that time two important things happened:

  1. I got engaged to my lovely lovely girlfriend, now fiance (obviously). Proposal was nearly ruined by an interesting squirrel but we soldiered through.
  2. We managed to get to a number of loose leaf tea cafes in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, all of which were very exciting and different.

The second point is probably the one of interest to you, the humble teablog reader (although I’d like to think you might be excited about the first point too). Thankfully I made lots of notes and managed to get a few pictures and I’ll be discussing them over the next week or two in a small miniseries.

Oh, and remember teapigs? I’ve had a wee email conversation with the lovely Sofia who has very kindly sent me through a few other varieties for us to try. There’s a bit of a backlog of things for us to try now! Best get brewing!



  1. Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. Thanks! We’re over the moon!

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