Posted by: ben | April 30, 2009


Ben: Keen readers may have noticed that in recent posts, both Dan and I have mentioned that we’re moving.

(I should say that we’re not moving together but we are moving at the same time, if that makes sense. Dan has a two-bed des-res with views over parkland and I have a bijou apartment with ample parking.)

Moving time is now upon us! Over the next four days we will both be in the process of lugging boxes from pillar to post, trying to find gas meters, assembling flat pack furniture and getting frustrated with anyone in the way. Fun times!

As a consequence, neither of us will have personal access to broadband at home for a while so things will be quiet here for a week or two. We have a few posts ready to go which we’ll be publishing when we can but otherwise it may not be quite as busy as it normally is.

It’s occurred to both of us that we’re not talking about music so much at the moment, either. That will be rectified once stereos have been reassembled!

Should anyone desperately miss us, both Dan and I will probably be posting on Twitter from mobile phones and what have you.

See you soon! x


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