Posted by: dan | May 27, 2009

looky lahloo

Lahloo Intro header
Dan: Twitter is proving itself to be very useful when it comes to discovering new teas. We’ve been talking to a number of people with our account, and it’s where we met the lovely Kate from Lahloo teas.

Snow Jewel Packet

After looking at her website, and all the glories it has to offer, we started chatting about favourite teas. Kate mentioned the Snow Jewel, and after I’d looked at it a bit closer, I was desperate to try some. We were kindly offered a few samples, and not long after, Ben and I both received a package of five new teas to try.

Firstly, they come in glorious packaging (see below), and each of them have special brewing instruction cards full of information attached. After reading the handwritten note from Kate and marvelling at the care and attention given, we ripped open the packet to find the following five teas:

The aforementioned Snow Jewel (a white tea); Jade Green (an Oolong); Assam Chai (which sounds very exciting); Lahloo Breakfast (a secret blend) and Sobacha, which is potentially the strangest tea of the lot, it being an odd Japanese tea made from roasted Buckwheat kernels. We’ll be trying them soon, and providing reviews. If the teas have as much care and attention as the packaging, we’re in for a treat!

Lahloo Package


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