Posted by: ben | June 29, 2009

competition: results!


Ben: After three weeks of slogging away, you guys sent in some amazing entries into our competition to win exclusive goodies from The Duckworth Lewis Method, Jing Tea and Teapigs. After some deliberation, Dan and I chose the winners. Who stepped up to the crease and scored a six?

Third prize is a box of Teapigs’ Summer Flowers tea temples and a tin of their looseleaf green tea with mint. The winner is….

Andrew from Basford!

He sent us a long, long list of cricket-and-tea haikus, of which our favourite are:

Twelfth man important
Bringing the tea on only
When Bowden says so

A steaming cuppa
A smashing Flintoff Yorker
Don’t mention weather


For tea and CD
Hope I win

Sadly we didn’t have any zen-like matcha tea to complement your zen-like haikus but we’re sure the green tea with mint will suffice.

Second prize is a Teapigs triple header – Summer Flowers, Licorice and Mint and Popcorn Green Tea – along with a CDr ‘acetate’ style promo of The Duckworth Lewis album. The winner for this one is….

Hazel from Brackley!

She’d managed to find a very old newspaper article in which Earl Grey amazed crowds at Lords with a captivating performance in only his second test outing. With a few cheeky nods to The Divine Comedy, we loved this. It reminded us of school projects we used to have to do back in the dark ages. Ah, memories. You can read the full newspaper article here (I suggest you do!). Hazel will be enjoying some of Teapigs’ finest teas and some of Duckworth and Lewis’ best tracks as a reward.

So, onto the hotly-contested first prize! Up for grabs was a one-cup glass teapot set, a bag of Dragon Well green tea and one of Silver Needles white tea, gratefully donated from our friends at Jing Tea, as well as a full promo copy of The Duckworth Lewis Method album.

We had loads of entries to this competition but one entry stood head and shoulders above the rest. Undisputed first prize winner is….

Alex from London!

Alex sent us an incredible montage showing a teacup being smashed to bits by a bat-wielding cricketer. We said we’d award prizes on effort – this won by miles. The shot is wonderfully lit, the trio of images put together lovingly and the effort that Alex went to is extraordinary. He told us:

I begged friends for help, did two test shoots to make sure the idea was a goer, traipsed around town trying to find cups that were cheap and looked the part, borrowed lighting gear from a friend, rescheduled the shoot, and destroyed an umbrella with tea & cup shrapnel.

Shooting it was a little surreal; he would hit the cup, and it would shatter with a “Tink!” sound. And then there would be silence for a couple of seconds, followed by a gentle sparkly sound as a thin layer of tea mist settled on everything. An old man sat on a bench a little way away, looking bored despite being within range of debris. We found pieces
of cup 30 to 40 metres away.

Extra points for the use of the phrase ‘Tink!’; describing an old man who clearly had seen cricketers smashing teacups far too often; and for being good enough to pick up the bits of teacup.

Oh, you’ll be wanting to see the picture, won’t you? Here it is. I encourage you to click for bigger:

A smashing entry

A smashing entry

We hope the prizes are compensation enough for your broken umbrella!


And there we go! That’s it. All over.


We received something extra from the lovely Sofia at Teapigs for all readers of our blog. If you go over to their website and place an order using the promotional code TEATUNES you’ll receive 20% off your first order! Do hurry though – that discount won’t last forever.

A final thanks to our friends over at Jing Tea and at Teapigs for kindly supplying the prizes. Go and order lots from them, they’re lovely! If you weren’t lucky enough to win, the first album by The Duckworth Lewis Method will be in the shops on Monday. It’s brilliant.

And thanks to all our competition entrants. More competitions will be along soon!



  1. Oh wow ! Just got it ! Thanks soooo much ! I am glad you liked it.

    • Congratulations! It was a lovely entry, very English and quite silly. Hope you like your prizes, let us know what you think of the album!

  2. Wow, that triptych by Alex is fabulous – very novel, great work!

  3. ok, here’s what I think of my prize (if you’re interested)

    1 – The Duckworth Lewis Method Album
    as expected, I am loving the Hannon-age. What more is there to say ?

    2 – Summer Flowers Tea
    very pleasant, but definitely reminiscent of lemony cold cures. Somewhat medicinal.

    3 – Popcorn Tea
    very nice, but definitely tastes of shredded wheat rather than popcorn, but I dislike popcorn, so this is no bad thing.

    4 – Liquorice And Peppermint Tea
    quite strong taste, and gets overpowering after a little while. I cannot decide whether I really like it or not. Amazingly sweet, but also spicy, in a way.


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