Posted by: dan | July 8, 2009

the duckworth lewis method album launch

Dan: Last night, Ben and I took a trip to London, dodged the rain, and ran hurdles with the flooded underground to get to The Brit Oval cricket ground. Not something we usually do, but as there was no cricket being played and some cricket-pop was, we thought it might actually be worth going. The gig was great, everyone was on top form, and the album was played in its entirety (though they cheated on Rain Stops Play and used the CD), before an encore consisting of Pugwash’s It’s Nice To Be Nice, The Divine Comedy’s National Express, and a final surprise of Soul Limbo, which is the theme from Test Match Special. We’re not going to review the gig, but as I was there with my camera, I’m providing you with some pictures of the evening’s entertainment. There are a few taster shots below, and a link to my Flickr account for the full set (well, those that are good enough to be shown).

And a big thanks very much to the whole Duckworth Lewis team for providing a great gig, being generally nice and signing our albums.

Flickr Link






  1. I bloody love you two.

    When I’m not seething with jealousy.

  2. Also, you should add Matt Berry as a tag.

    • Good point chap. Tag added.

      Any movement with the podcast? I miss it.

  3. Movement indeed! Das Kitty introduced me to a chap with whom I’m making a documentary, and I’m guesting on a friend’s hour-long show for a couple of songs, setting up an improv night (the performers, with the guidance of a few games we’ve made up end up performing a play), and he’s going to do the podcast with me. So… yeah.

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