Posted by: ben | August 13, 2009

canton you loose

(title with no apology to Otis Redding and The Blues Brothers)

Ben: There is nothing more irritating than getting those little red ‘sorry you were out’ cards through the door from the Royal Mail. You know the ones – you’ve been sent a piece of post which is slightly unorthodox and Mr Postman decides to put an apology through the door rather than, you know, actually delivering the parcel.

To be fair, I didn’t catch the postman nonchalantly walking away with goodies in hand. This time.

Anyway. Upon collecting the parcel from the depot I found it was a veritable treasure trove of samples from the Canton Tea Company, a wee shop which got in touch to ask us if we would possibly consider having some freebies and talking about them on teatunes.

Companies want to be associated with us?! The world’s flipped upside down.

There were six silver pouches of niceness in the box. They were a bai mu dan white, some jasmine pearls, a bai lin gong fu red (oooh!), an anxi rou gui oolong, a pouchong 2009 green (ooooh!) and a long jing green. Several of those bags proudly display Great Taste Gold awards of varying levels which impresses me no end.

Thanks to Canton Tea Company for sending them through! We probably won’t have time to discuss all these teas here but we will be writing about a good few of them over the next few months. It’d be silly not to. That bai mu dan is looking especially appetising…




  1. Got a parcel like this myself, recently. Looking forward to comparing reviews!

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