Posted by: ben | August 20, 2009

a disturbing development

Ben: I’ve decided that videos are a good idea. Oh lord. This may be a short-lived experiment.

Click ‘read more’ for the full list of goodies with links:


Thanks to Henrietta at the Rare Tea Company for sending the samples through – it was very thoughtful. I promise to moan less on our Twitter account.

You’d’ve thought I might have shaved and tidied myself up a bit, wouldn’t you? Scruffbag.

The teas sent through are:

I’ve been sipping on some of the jasmine over the past few hours and… it’s not bad! I’m a bit anti-jasmine but here it’s not too overpowering. Hmm.

Expect reviews at some point.



  1. […] This was his very lovely response. […]

  2. Ah! So that’s what you sound like.
    I thought it was rather quaint really.
    Will always think of that music as Gideon Coe’s opening track though!
    Not entirely happy about not especially CD racks behind you either. Try harder!

    • ‘That music’ is ‘Intermission’ from the Webb Brother’s ‘Maroon’, and it is incredible. I’ve not listened to Gideon Coe from the start so didn’t know he used it. I’ve suddenly got more respect for him now.

      There are CD racks over my shoulder there. Ikea ones, admittedly, but enough to hold my meagre collection.

  3. I meant to say ‘not especially full cd racks’!
    Oh and yep, got that Webb Brothers cd but that remains my favourite track on it!

    • Alas, my CD budget is not quite as grand as yours!

      Best track on ‘Maroon’ is ‘The Liars Club’, without a doubt. Always thought that Hannon should cover that.

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