Posted by: dan | October 2, 2009

silver (needle) cruiser

AtticSilverNeedleHeader(title with apologies to Royksopp)

Dan: The delightful people at ATTIC Tea (All The Tea In China), a café hidden away somewhere in Bristol, sent us some samples to sip – one of which is their Silver Needle. You may remember that Silver Needle is one of my favourite white teas and one of my favourite teas overall. Despite having reviewed two different version before I’m going to do so again and with good reason.

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Posted by: dan | September 30, 2009

this is how we COULD brew it at work (part 2)


Dan: Jing sent us some tea-making items recently – you may remember Ben discussing his prized tea-iere here. They also sent through their one-cup teapot set, consisting of a teeny teapot and glass cup and saucer. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now so it’s about time I told you about it. Alas, Jing have no demonstration video for this so instead you can have a look at this picture of it I took and I’ll add some more as we go along. I’m going to shamelessly steal Ben’s review style and bullet point the pros and cons too – he’ll love that.

Ben: Style-stealing cad!!

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Posted by: ben | September 28, 2009

music monday: franz ferdinand’s ‘tonight’

The Franz Ferdinand Discussion

Ben: Tragedy! A few weeks ago my iPod finally died a death. The battery had been on its way out for a few months until it got to the stage it’s at now – half an hour or so of use followed by silence – unbearable silence. I’ve explored replacing the battery but sadly the model I’ve got was built to combat eager amateurs like myself opening it up (as a sweary hour and a fraught fiancé will testify).

It’s a bit of a blow for someone that relies on an iPod to listen to the majority of their music: whether I am in the car, at the office, wandering the streets or mooching at home, I normally have my iPod in tow.

Had my iPod in tow.

I’ve had to change how I listen to music entirely. I’ve developed a coping strategy – have one main album I listen to all week and supplement it where possible with random EPs and MP3s. Every Monday I choose a new album, take it to the car for my daily commute and listen the hell out of it over the next seven days. Fortuitously, this coincides with the #musicmonday meme on Twitter so, I thought, why not combine the two? Until I can afford a new iPod (hmph), I’ll do a new one of these posts every week detailing what I’ve been listening to. This time, it’s Franz Ferdinand’s Tonight.

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Posted by: ben | September 25, 2009


Ben: No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We’re having a quiet week here at teatunes towers and as a result there’s no new posts this week. Boo!

Don’t despair though. There’s a few things coming up shortly – an oft-delayed music post, a video(!) of a black tea and some more discussion of teaware.

Hey look, it’s sunny outside! Why not make the most of it?

Posted by: ben | September 18, 2009

dig a peony

PeonyHeader(title with apologies to both The Beatles and Attic Tea)

Ben: Here at teatunes Towers we’re enjoying summer’s swansong. For the first time in what feels like months, the sky is cloudless, the air is still, it’s warm but not too hot and people are wandering around in shorts. Whilst it’s been cold and damp I’ve been moreorless exclusively drinking black teas and oolongs; I’m taking this opportunity to try something a little lighter. A quick dig through the cupboard threw up the sample pack of Canton Tea Company’s White Peony (bai mu dan, if you want to get technical). Given how much I thoroughly enjoyed Lahloo’s Snow Jewel (and that this one has a gold star Great Taste Gold 2009 award) I prepared some to sip in the sunshine.

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Posted by: dan | September 15, 2009

focus: the eels


Dan: This is a few months late now, and much later than I originally promised (I’ve been lazy and unmotivated – sorry). Nevertheless I have finally managed to get around to writing a bit about The Eels. I was originally inspired to write about them thanks to their latest album, Hombre Lobo. So here’s my review of said album, including a bit of background on their back catalogue here and there. (Oh, and there’s a Spotify link at the end if you want a suitable backing track.)

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