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Welcome to teatunes, a place where two cranky, untalented twentysomethings can discuss two of our favourite things (tea and tunes – you might have guessed) whilst encouraging others to explore something new and (hopefully) get advice and recommendations from others in the same boat. There’s a nice ‘making of’ story of how we ended up here in our first post, if you’re that way inclined.

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The tea posts cover similar ground each time – a brief discussion of a new blend we’ve received. Although we’ll often refer to these posts as ‘reviews’ they’re really anything but – we do not have the knowledge or authority to say that one type of tea is better than a similar variety from another company. They’re just our thoughts and opinions as we try things which are new to us. We might find really well-regarded teas as not to our taste or rave about something which everyone else finds rubbish. That’s our niche. We often don’t really know what we’re talking about and we love it.

The tunes side of things is a little more diverse, incorporating ‘proper’ reviews with more general discussion. Here’s a quick guide to the categories the music posts generally fall under:

a short discussion: in which we throw ideas back and forth. A bit like being in the pub but with more ascii.

focus: in which Ben or Dan will write a review of an artist, album, event, or another music-related subject.

left of centre: So many great songs, artists and albums seem to be passed over entirely. Left of Centre aims to highlight music which should have reached a bigger audience than it did.

the checkout: A monthly review of our musical purchases. These retrospectives not only provide brief guides on the new albums released each month, but also the older albums we’ve only just got around to buying.

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